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Our Practice Principles

1. Patient Advocacy

Our services are patient focused, as medical care should be. We strive to make the patient and their care our priority. We pride ourselves on transparency and providing the patient the right to direct their care.

2. Root Cause Medicine

The reason for our practice name. Our mission is to ask questions and solve problems. We work to understand why the disease or illness occur so that it can be solved not symptomatically treated. 

3. Docere “Doctor as Teacher”

It is the provider’s job to educate and empower our patients to understand their symptoms or illness. Better education leads to better treatment and prevention of disease in the future.

4. Prevention First

Our services are designed with prevention in mind to help our patients avoid illness and to promote improved quality of life. A focus on prevention encourages optimization of health and longevity.

5. Integrative Medicine

We are not exclusive providers, but instead the opposite. We hope to work synergistically with other providers and modalities to provide the best care and outcomes for our patients.

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