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Colon Hydrotherapy


What is Colon Hydrotherapy?


Colon hydrotherapy is a method of removing waste from the large intestine without the use of medication.  By introducing warm, filtered water into the colon, waste is softened and loosened, resulting in evacuation through natural peristalsis.  This process is repeated a few times during a session.

Session Expectations


A colonic session is a comfortable experience for most people; however, if discomfort is experienced, the session can be stopped at any time.  Techniques utilized allow a small amount of water to flow into the colon, gently stimulating the colon’s natural peristaltic action to release softened waste.  The inflow of a small amount of water and the release of water may be repeated several times.  The removal of waste should encourage better colon function and elimination. 


During a session, most clothing can be kept on, with a drape or gown covering the body to ensure modesty.  Your dignity is always maintained.

How Many Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions are Needed?


Everyone is different, so the number of colon hydrotherapy sessions will depend completely on the individual and his/ her wellness goals.  Just as some people exercise on a daily or weekly basis to tone and tighten their outer body, some people also have their own on-going cleansing, toning and rebuilding regimen for their inner body.  Colon hydrotherapy can be used as part of any regular maintenance program.


Cautions and Recommendations


Colon hydrotherapy is not for everyone.  Each client must complete a health history form to screen for possible contraindications.  A prescription from a medical provider may be necessary.  If you have any questions, feel free to call the office.




Modern colon hydrotherapy equipment is manufactured in compliance with strict federal guideline that dictate rigorous accountability.  Our machine is an FDA-approved closed system.   The speculums and tubing are single-use and disposable.

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Treatment Session- $125 (60minutes)

(5 Pack- $550)​

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