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Fango Therapy


What is Fango Therapy

Fango is the deepest localized heat treatment available. It stimulates blood circulation, detoxification, reduces pain and inflammation, soothes sore muscles and joints, and induces a deep state of relaxation. Fango increases lymph flow and circulation and helps draw out chemical toxins.

Fango is a mixture of dehydrated "mud" containing healing ingredients such as minerals and converted plant parts, mixed with various parrafin waxes. The Fango is melted, heated and applied to specific portions of the body, such as the liver, and areas of lymph node concentration. During the treatment the patient experiences deep heat and relaxation while they sweat and release toxins through the skin.

The curative properties of fango paraffin proceed from the joint effect of the sea mud formed in the ancient times (Posidonian slate) and pure paraffin. High thermal capacity and the volume of the heat energy guarantee the efficiency of the heat treatment. Through the action of the heat, the capillaries in the skin widen and the lymphatic and blood circulation are improved. The effects of the sea mud are similar to those of paraffin. In addition, sea mud acts as a thermal, physical and chemical irritant.

Paraffin and mud treatment is used for treating chronic neurological diseases, diseases of the joints and deformations due to muscle traumas. As a thermal procedure, paraffin treatment relieves tense muscles before massage is applied and improves the mobility of the joints.

Treatment Session- $100 (60minutes)

(5 pack-$450)

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