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There is More to Cancer Care: IV vitamin C

IV vitamin C is shown in the research literature to:

  • Enhance chemosensitivity,

  • Reduce chemotherapy toxicity,

  • Reduce inflammation and disease states in cancer patients,

  • Improve quality of life for patients undergoing radiation therapy and chemotherapy,

  • Decrease chemotherapy induced fatigue, nausea, insomnia, constipation and depression,

  • Have anti-tumor activity,

  • Enhance reduction in tumor mass when used in combination with chemotherapy.

Case reports document several instances of tumor regression and long-term disease-free survival associated with the use of IV vitamin C.

In addition to being an effective adjunct to cancer therapy protocols, IV vitamin C has shown effectiveness in

  • Immune regulation,

  • Parkinsons disease,

  • Liver Cirrhosis

  • Infectious processes

I would like to highlight some research findings for IV vitamin C used in naturopathic cancer care.

“The combination of parenteral ascorbate with the conventional chemotherapeutic agents, carboplatin and paclitaxel synergistically inhibited ovarian cancer in mouse models and reduced chemotherapy-associated toxicity in patients with ovarian cancer.”

“Ascorbic acid chemosensitizes colorectal cancer cells and synergistically inhibits tumor growth.”

“It helps to prolong progression free survival and overall survival of patients with late stage triple-negative breast cancer.”

“Complementary treatment of breast cancer patients with i.v. vitamin C was shown to be a well-tolerated optimization of standard tumor-destructive therapies, reducing quality of life-related side-effects.”

“Ascorbate treatment depleted ATP and induced autophagy in sensitive prostate cancer cells, resulting in cell death. Taken together with previous studies, high-dose ascorbate has the potential to be a novel treatment option to hormone-refractory prostate cancer.”

“Conclusion: Pharmacological doses of ascorbic acid suppress tumor growth and metastases in hormone-refractory prostate cancer.”

There is ongoing clinical research to investigate the safe and effective use of IV vitamin C both in combination with chemotherapeutic agents and as a single agent cancer therapy.

For more information or to schedule an infusion, please call Roots Natural Medical Center at 860-471-1434.

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